Nissan Altima Heater blowing cold air all the time

I have a 2003 Nissan Altima a couple of days ago the car over heated we drove it less than 2 minutes and put coolant in it. It was bone dry but we filled it up well ever since then my car has been acting crazy. Ever since then my car was been having steam/smoke coming out from under the hood i notice this whenever i stop at a stop sign of when i go thru a drive thru.

However it is not over heating now. Also today the hot air never would blow out when my heat was on the air remained cold even though I drove 10-15 miles to work. I have no idea what the problem is but i need some ideas. Also the coolant reservoir does have a couple of cracks on the top.

Answer: If the coolant level was that far down, that means there is a leak somewhere. Just adding coolant did not fix the problem. Also, with it being empty, you may have overheated the engine. Having no heat from the vents is an indication of air pockets in the system.

Since you still see steam, this is because of the leak. Leaking hot coolant will show up as steam or smoke. Cracks in the jub may be the source of the leak, if it is not just on overflow jug, but what is called a “Surge Tank”. An overflow jug jug just holds coolant, a surge tank hold coolant but is also under pressure just like the radiator. Either way this may be the source of the leak.

You need to have a cooling system pressure test done on your Nissan Altima to find a repair the leak and then evaluate if the engine is overheating, or damage has been done when it was empty.

2008 Nissan Altima Limp Mode

I just bought an 2008 Nissan Altima and it had a slight misfire. I checked the computer with an OBD2 scanner and it showed a misfire so to find out which one my friend started pulling each one to determine which one made didnt make a difference. After doing this we determined it was a coil pack in the back which is a little more difficult to get to so we decided to check those later and I left. After leaving the car started running worse than ever and then went into limp mode. Since then I replaced the coil packs but it still in limp mode. Where should i go from here?

Answer: Sounds like you may now have more trouble codes stored in the computer. Scan them again. The original misfire may have been caused by whatever is now causing the limp mode. There are many possibilities, but without knowing what, if any other codes there are, i would just be guessing. Bad spark plugs, contaminated fuel, failed MAP or MAF sensor, ETC.