1997 Chevy S-10 Keeps Blowing Ignition Fuse

Have a 1997 Chevy s10 p/u that keeps blowing #10 fuse. Key in on position its OK, but as soon as turn key to start it blows fuse

Do you know what circuits are on the fuse?

Says its the fuse for the ignition #10 fuse

Do you have any aftermarket equipment on the truck? Like an alarm, or remote start, or anything else that is tied into that circuit?

No. Manual says supplies icd module-fuel injectors,cpk sensor-pcm-vcm.

Yes, that’s correct. If you can, try to disconnect modules one by one and see if the fuse will not blow. Disconnect the PCM, and then turn the key to start and see if it pops…keep doing that will other components on the circuit to see if you can find one that is faulty. If the fuse does not pop when a certain thing is disconnected, you know that part is bad or the wiring to it. This will require some wire tracing, and component removal.

I don’t know what or where all these things are. Like CKP sensor or IC module

Don’t know what or where these all are.

Well, the PCM is under the hood, on the left fender well. The ignition module is located on the coil bracket, right side of the engine. You can disconnect all the injectors by unplugging the big connector on top of the intake plenum. The crank sensor is located at the front of the engine, on the lower right portion of the timing cover. All of these are easily reachable.

Thank Sir !

2001 Chevy S-10

I have a 2001 s-10 4.3liter 4wheel drive need starter electrical diagram to chase down why it wants to start while running.

Do not have a diagram to post in this chat. Are you saying that the starter engages while the truck is running? All the time or sometimes.

When it feels like it.

OK. Then you either have a shorted stater solenoid wire- the purple wire, or a bad ignition switch. you can try tapping on the bottom steering column, right under the ignition key to see is that causes anything. Aside from that, trace the purple wire from the started up the the motor while pulling on the harness to try to find the shorted wire.

Looking for location of part that goes from small wires to large wires.

What part are you talking about? The purple wire does not go from large to small.

The wires that come from ignition and clutch won handle 20 amps they go from low amps to high amps where.

The system is not that simple. From ignition switch they go to a relay, the park/neutral switch then to purple starter wire. The large red wire on the starter comes straight from the battery.

Thank you auto mechanic.

1995 Chevy S10 5 speed

My clutch started squealing when it was engaged, now its as if i didn’t even have a clutch but still has pedal pressure. where do i start?

The clutch is probably worn out and needs replaced. The throw out bearing is most likely the squealing noise your heard, and that should be replaced as well when do you a clutch job.