1997 Pontiac Sunfire Ignition Switch Recall

The wire running from positive post of battery to solenoid burned up tonight causing lights, engine, etc to just shut down while I was driving leaving a hot electrical smell on my 1997 PONTIAC SUNFIRE CONV. What happened?

There is a recall from General Motors for that exact problem. Do you know if it has been done to the car yet?

I have no idea. I bought the car used just this past May.

Well, the recall involves replacing the ignition switch, and running a relay to control the high amp draw of the starter wire. This is done to prevent an electrical overheating of the wires and the eventual burning up of them. Which has seemed to happen to you. You can take the car to any GM dealer and have them run the VIN and see if any open recalls are still needed, or if they have been done. I would assume it HASN’T been done since you had the meltdown.

Lol yeah sounds like it.

They may be able to help you out since the problem of the recall happened to your vehicle.

So since I bought it used can I still have it repaired? Will it cost me?

Yes, it doesn’t matter who owns the car, if the recall is still needed it will be done free of charge.

Wow! Ok thank you very much for your help. So I just go to a local GM dealer and have them check the VIN? .And they should repair recall problem at no charge?

Yes, take it to any GM dealership, tell them you think you need a recall done, and that the problem that the recall fixes caused a problem on your car. They will at least do the recall for free, but may charge you for any other damage or burned up components. If you have to have it towed, you’ll be responsible for that bill as well.

Thank you very much for all your help/info tonight.

No problem, glad to help!

Pontiac Sunfire Wont Start after timing chain replaced

I had my timing chain replaced. Drove home fine. Got up in the morning to go to work and wont start?

ANSWER: Would need a little more information to be able to give you any advice. Does it CRANK? Does it not crank? BATTERY power? Does every else work fine on the car like headlights, radio, and other electronic devices? Were there any strange noises heard? Reply with some more info and I can help you better!!

If you can check for compression, that would tell a lot. If there is none, or it is low on one or more cylinders, then something either went wrong with the repair or something else broke. Those cylinder heads have been known to have sticking valves which cause a concern like your having, and that would show as low or no compression as well. If the car jumped time, say for instance the timing chain tensioner broke or is loose, you would still have compression but just be off time causing the no start. I would assume it’s something to do with the previous repair.

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