1998 Buick Regal Blowing Smoke And Knocking

I have a 1998 Buick Regal and it has a knock coming from the engine and dies when driving. Also it starts up very rough and won’t go past 4000 RPM’s. Possible timing issue?

It blows out black smoke too.

Mechanic JK:

An engine knock is not usually a timing issue. And black smoke is not either. Is the problem you are having more of a knock or tap?

More of a knock and it goes away with rev..but wont rev past 4000. Idle knock.

OK. Well it sounds like you have a major internal engine problem. Knocking, not revving up an smoke means it is burning oil and causing engine misfire. Any work done to it just before this problem?

No work done except a radiator change

Actually black smoke and oil came outa the exhaust when revving it high lol

I would suggest removing the spark plugs to find out which cylinders are burning oil. Then at least you will know were to start taking apart and looking for a problem.


No ignition timing adjustment. It is all controlled by the computer and ignition module.

Ahh OK.

Well thanks for you’re help i appreciate it . I’ll try what you suggested

No problem. Good luck and remember to bookmark or put us in your favorites !

Just did that.. thanks ;D

Serpentine Belt

Buick Regal 1999, 87,000miles. I have just replaced the serpentine belt and the car started fine. Next day with 100 yards of driving the service engine soon light came on. I drove 1.5 miles to AUTOZONE and on the way the car just died. It restarted and I got the fault code. P0102. It states a number of issues. Mass air flow, MAP.

I doubt changing the belt had anything to do with your failure. It’s just one of those things that happens. The code you have is for Mass Airflow Sensor Low Frequency. You probably should replace the sensor with a new GM part.

Catalytic Converter

1989 Buick regal custom 3.1 I just had the catalytic converter and muffler changed 2 days ago now it sounds worse than it did prior and has loss of power and bad rattling noise.

The problems you are describing are exactly what a bad catalytic converter does, but you say it and the muffler are new? Well, if things are worse, then take it back to the shop that installed the parts. Sounds like they put on faulty components.