Buick Regal Has Rough Idle

I have a 1995 Buick Regal. All of a sudden it seems to load up on fuel rough idle, have replaced a new fuel pump in and that didn’t help. Car has to be primed to get started.

Once it runs it’s fine unless you shut if off then it has to be primed again before it will start. I am at a loss as to what is wrong with my car.

Have you checked to see if the fuel pressure regulator might be leaking? Just remove the small vacuum hose and see if ra gas comes out or check if you can even just smell fuel. That can cause a problem like you are experiencing.

REPLY: I am believe so. I guess confusion is because of being primed.

Didn’t quite understand you. Does not make sense to have to prime it if there is already too much gas.

I will check the fuel pressure regulator. I didn’t see signs of leaks on the outside of it.

If it’s loading up with fuel, it has to be coming from somewhere. A leak in the diaphragm of the fuel pressure regulator will cause a hard starting condition and the engine to run rough because it is so rich. But that ould not explain why you have to prime it to get your Buick to start. Are you sure it is loading up? Maybe the fuel pressure is too low.

OK will try to replace that to see if it will fix it.

Check for a leak first. I wouldn’t replace it if it’s not leaking. Remove the vacuum line to it and check for fuel leakage or even a fuel smell is reason enough to replace it them.

Do you have a picture to reference.

Not through this chat, but the regulator (FPR) is located on the fuel rail, right behind the throttle body. Easy to find and check.

I appreciate your help and will give it a try.

No problem at all! Good luck!