2001 Oldsmobile Bravada Is Hard To Start

I have a 2001 Olds Bravada and have a hard time getting it started. What I usually have to do is turn the key on an off about 3-4 times before I actually try to turn it over. It will usually turnover on the second try. What could be causing this starting problem?

Probably low fuel pressure. You could have a fuel pump on the way out, or even a very restricted fuel filter. I’d recommend a fuel pressure check to start off with.

I hear the fuel pump when I turn the key everytime. I’ll try the fuel filter first. It’s the least expensive option to start with.

You would hear it as normal, but that doesn’t mean it’s putting enough pressure/volume in the fuel system. It is easy enough to put a gauge on the fuel rail and check pressure. That would tell you for sure before you spend any money at all.

Chevy Tahoe Fuel Gauge

2000 Chevy Tahoe fuel gauge sometimes reads full when empty and empty when full.

That is a common problem with your style vehicle. The issue comes from a fuel level sensor inside the gas tank that has become worn out and will send an erratic signal to the fuel gauge. The fuel tank would need to be removed, and then the fuel pump/sender assembly to replace the fuel level sensor.

Truck Won’t Start

Chevy Tahoe Truck won’t start. Has new battery and cable ends, distributor and
starter wire. Cranks sometimes and will not start again. Dash lights up but no sound when I try to crank it. What could be the problem?

Answer: You could have a bad ignition switch or neutral safety switch. Both of these will cause the starter to not engage when turning the key. Try wiggling the shifter while holding the key in the start position the next time it acts up. If doing this causes it to start cranking, then your netral safety switch is bad or out of adjustment.