2000 Hyundai Santa Fe Hard To Start

I have a 2000 Hyundai Santa FE and if it sits a couple of hours or more it is hard to start. Can you help me?

When a vehicle sits for a while after it has been run or driven, the engine goes through what is called a ‘heat soak’. This means it basically gets hotter for a little bit before cooling off. This is, many times, the point a part or device will fail. Ignition components and modules, and even fuel system components can suffer during this period.

A hard starting condition can mean the vehicle isn’t getting the proper air/fuel mixture, or spark to ignite the combustion process. Usually it will fire after trying a couple of times. Common causes are lack of fuel pressure due to a fuel pump that isn’t putting out what it should, a restriction such as a clogged fuel filter, or a leak somewhere in the system such as a fuel pressure regulator. Ignition components act the same when affected by this, and usually the culprit is a faulty ignition module.

Other times there can be a computer sensor that is going bad such as a crankshaft position sensor or camshaft position sensor. Even a computer that is going bad can cause this condition. Obviously, you have a quite a few things to check out now, so good luck!

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