2000 Toyota Solara 3.0L Won’t Start

2000 Toyota Solara No Crank No Start already spent a lot of money and time trying to figure this out! Had it for 1yr no issues until now! Full power until ”start” position, no power to starter, full power in relay, has spark, lights shut off as normal when turned, no click.

Battery,cables, fuses, relays, starter, ignition system, fuel pump, all hoses.
[Replaced:] Battery, fuel pump, relay, ignition switch, igniter, crankshaft position sensor.
Still no start! When we bypass ignition it cranks but still won’t start! Please help!

Answer: Not sure why you replaced all those parts for a no crank condition. Not sure how you know the engine has spark if it wont crank over. Unless if i am getting all this, bottom line, when you manually jump the starter it will crank over? So if the key is on when you do that you have spark?

If you have power to the start relay but no power to the starter, then you need to trace the wiring from the relay to the starter, assuming you have power out of the relay. Just looking at the wires is not good enough. You could have broken wires inside the insulation. This would not allow enough current to flow to turn the starter motor. It needs a lot.

Also make sure you do not have a theft / security light n the dash. This could disable cranking. Also if you have an aftermarket alarm or remote start system, the problem could be there.