Dodge Stratus Starting issue

My battery recently went bad so I replaced it. The car is a 2003 Dodge stratus SXT so I had to remove the tire to get the battery out. After replacing the battery I noticed a wire had come loose from what ever it was connected to. I don’t know where it goes.

It seems to be coming from the same direction as the main negative cables that attach to the battery. the wire has a black plastic thing in the middle of it.

ANSWER: Well, not sure exactly what the THING is you are talking about. Does the car start now that the battery was replaced? If it does and nothing else seems to be wrong with the car, then i would not worry about it. It may be something for an aftermarket device the car used to have or for a stereo system or alarm.

If there are electrical problem with the car, then that wire may be a sensor of some sort for the charging system.

Dodge Stratus Blows Cold Air

Some time ago, my AC/Heater would only work if it had it on full blast. It would blow hot/cold air just fine, but only when on the highest level. After a while, the only vents that would work at all were the ones just below my windshield. Now, as of two days ago, the hot air has stopped working. It will still blow cold air on full blast, but it will not warm up. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

ANSWER: If i am understanding you correctly, it sounds like you have more than one problem with your Dodge heater. If you are saying that some time ago the fan would would only blow air out the vent when it is on the high setting, then that is a problem with the fan speed control- which has nothing to do with the temperature. A comon problem with the fan having only high speed is what is called the “blower resistor”. This part controls the speed of the fan , thus the amount of airflow. Again, nothing to do with the temperature or what vents have the airflow.

Now it sounds like a new problem of the temperature of any air from any vents will not get warm. This could be several things. Check the basics- check coolant level in the radiator, possibly a bad thermostat, could also be the mechanism that controls the temperature doors in the dash to control weather warm or cold air is blowing into the car.

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