2001 Hyundai Elantra Alternator issue

Hello everyone, kindly give your comment. Thanks. It is a Hyundai Elantra. Wwo weeks ago, when i drive my car, the tachometer start to jumping up and down even i stop at traffic light and didn’t step on any pedal. The car have strange noise when i am driving. Few days later, the brake light on but i checked brake fluid, it is normal. The brake light on a few days, and off another day, but the next day it continuously on again when i start again.

Today, first the air-conditioner not working, the tachometer drop until zero, never move even i a driving, the signal light and radio not working. When i stop engine and try to start again later, it can’t start. My friend help me charge battery and it works, but the power window, radio, signal all no function. The car have sudden vibrate along the journey. after driving around 20 minutes, it stop again. again i charge battery but this time i only can drive 2 minutes and stop. May i know that, which part i focus on if i go to repair? Thank You.

ANSWER: You need to first have the battery replaced, and have the alternator tested. It may not be putting out out enough voltage to keep the battery up. Also check all of the fuses. You seem to have many electrical problems. The alternator could be the entire problem, but there are other possibilities.

The other things to have checked out is the wiring for a ground problem. A loose ground wire under the hood can give all kinds of strange electrical problems. Todays vehicle computer do not like bad electrical grounds or low system voltage. They need a steady voltage to operate properly. Without that the computer and relays can act very odd and cause multiple problems. This also goes back to the alternator.

For the strange noise, we would need a little more information. For the vibration, that could be anything from a bad tire, to a loose front end or steering component. With all of the problem you are having on your Hyundai, you need to get it to a mechanic right away. You are not going to be able to get it diagnosed over the internet by trying to describe all the problems your car has.

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