Nissan Has Overheating Issue

I have a over heating issue. I have checked coolant and it’s fine and full. I was driving and noticed my temperature gauge was moving up so I pulled over put it in park and noticed the gauge was going back down to where it always sit I drove again few minutes later same thing again. Wondering if any advice about this problem?

Answer: There are many things that can cause the engine in your Nissan to overheat while driving. I will list them. The model, mileage and year of your Nissan would have been helpful. But, since the coolant level was fine, the next common cause is a bad thermostat. This is what controls the coolant going through the radiator.

The next thing to look at is to see if the radiator fan is coming on when the temperature gauge is showing too hot. If this is a fairly newer vehicle, then there would be an electric radiator fan. Older cars had a belt driven fan. If an electric fan is not working, there could just be a blown fuse, bad relay or the fan motor itself is faulty.

Another possible cause is that the radiator is plugged internally not allowing enough coolant to flow through it and cool down.

Check to see if you are getting hot air from the vents when the engine is over heating. If not, then there may be air pockets in the cooling system.  This can be seen as air bubbles in the radiator or overflow tank when the engine is running. This is usually caused by a blown headgasket. This would require an expensive repair.

If the engine has overheated several times, you may have caused more damage. You need to have a mechanic look at these things quickly before the repairs get more and more expensive.

Cooling Fans Not Working

Nether of my cooling fans are working, I tried replacing the relays, nothing, when I first pulled the relays the fans spun for a second or 2. I replaced the coolant tank and the thermostat still nothing. What do I do to fix this issue, my car keeps over heating, thanks!

ANSWER: If the fans started working when removing the relays, then you have a poor connections at the wiring plug in. Look for corrosion, clean the terminals and tighten then with a small pick.

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