Nissan 240 SX Rear Brakes Smoking

I have a Nissan 240 sx 1990. Last week i changed the rear brakes on it and i found out that the calibers was locking up so i bought new one then i couldn’t get fluids to the lines and found out it was the master cylinder.

Changed got a new one well i bleed the master cylinder 1st the i flushed all 4 lines, after that i started with the right rear tire and bleed the lines then the caliper, then i went to the left rear then the right front the the left front bleed all lines and calipers put the tires back on it and took it down the road. My rotor stopped in half went and i got  another one but now that tire is smoking really bad and i cant figure out what it is i really need help

ProTech: You could still have a caliper problem, or possibly the emergency brake is locking up on that side.

My car does got an emergency brake and i didn’t even thing about that. Good idea.

You might want to check that out, see if the cables are free and operational.

How would there be caliper be bad? It is a new part?

Well, just because it’s new doesn’t mean it’s good. It could have been installed improperly, not bled correctly, etc. Lots of things it could be.

Haha that be my luck. Ive be messing around with this car for 2 weeks now and i’m ready to run it off in to a tree.

Good luck with that, LOL

How long are you on tonight?

About 12 more minutes, but you can leave questions here at anytime.

Great, thanks for all the help !

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