1997 Nissan Maxima belt issues

My Nissan Maxima harmonic balancer pulley has rubber formed all the way around the pulley, theres no grooves for the belt.

I’m trying to put a belt on the car, but the factory belt for the car is to loose with full tension on the belt, (about a inch of play) I got a smaller one for the car (about a inch shorter) now its to tight with the tentioner all the way up and it will not fit…now ive noticed that the pulley (harmonic balancer) has rubber formed completely around the pully and no grooves for a belt. please help!!! My car has an automatic transmission.

Answer: If you have rubber formed all over that pulley it is most likely that the belt was rubbing due to another pulley not inline with the harmonic balancer, if they are then the harmonic balancer is either bent or not installed correctly. Or the old belt has deteriorated and left behind belt material filling in the grooves so you can’t see them.

You can use brake cleaner and a wire brush to clean up the pulley so you can have clear access to installing the OEM belt size. Check all other pulleys that there is no build up on them to prevent or cause this.

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