Jeep Wrangler Won’t Get Out Of Park

Jeep Wrangler 2007 four door with 113000 miles. i started the jeep with no issues. It however would not get out of park. I then noticed none of the gauges on the dashboard were working. The radio lights were on and works.

Speedometer, rpm, gas gauge, engine temp etc were not doing a thing and it was not lighted. The dome light also does not come on when the door is open. Checked the fuses under the hood. All tested good. Unplugged negative battery connection and waited. Still no dash lights.

Answer: Check all the fuses under the dash. There should be a panel there as well. If they are all good, you are going to need to start looking for a ground problem. There are many of them under the hood and also inside the Jeep.

Start pulling on wiring harnesses under hood and under dash while watching for those systems to act up. You could have a burned wire somewhere or a shirted harness.

Without a wiring schematic for your Jeep, you would just be guessing though. You need to get a schematic and look at all the systems to see what is in common with all of them.

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