Dodge 1500 Moves Forward When In Park

I got a Ram 2001 Dodge 1500 and changed the filter and fluid in the transmission now it acts like it stays in forward gears in all shifts with the shifter even park.

Did it have any problems shifting before? How did the fluid look when it came out?

Yea, shifted hard in 1st and rev, fluid was burn a little.

OK, Just so I am clear, exactly what is happening? It only has forward gears, even in PARK?

Yes when it revs it tries to go forward neutral too, and all other gears seem to be fire. Park acts like your power braking it.

HMM. That is very strange. Did you have to remove or even get anywhere near the shift cable and lever?

The only thing did was i adjusted the rear band like the Motors Manual said.

Oh, ok. I would definitely adjust that band back to close to where it was. That band my be applied in park/neutral when it should not be. That would give you the problems you are having.

Ok will give that a try thanks.

Dodge Ram Shaking

My 2005 Dodge Ram truck V6 is shaking violently when I get up to 20 miles an hour or faster. No engine light on, transmission shifting fine. What else could the problem be for all the shaking that I’m having.

Answer: You could just have something simple like an out of balance tire, a bad tire with a shifted belt or a bent rim. Another possibility is a bad U- joint in the drive shaft. That would cause an out of balance condition. normally you would be able to sort of ‘drive out’ of the vibration as you increase speed.

2001 Dodge Intrepid wont start it turns over

ANSWER: It could be a couple different things causing your problem. First, you may not be getting fuel to the engine either by a bad fuel pump or related part. Secondly, you could possibly have no spark from the ignition system. Lastly, a electronic failure of a module, computer, or other component can cause this. Without some additional information, that’s really all I can tell you.

Dodge Ram Locks Problem

I have a dodge ram 1500, it’s a 2014. We have had trouble unlocking the drivers side door with the key button, so we stayed inserting the key in the door. That has been working, but today even the key want unlocking the door. We tried the unlock button on the inside of the truck, but that didn’t work. We tried the handle on the inside, but it won’t unlock and won’t open. We even tried pulling the lock up, but it won’t come up. The door now won’t unlock or open.

Answer: You have either a bad latch or lock solenoid. That fact that you cannot physically move the lock tells me more that the lock solenoid, latch or rods inside the door are binding. You are going to have to get the door open, remove the trim panel and see what has failed. Try banging on the door while pulling the handle to see if at least you can get the door open to get trim panel off. If you cannot open it, you are going to have to go from the other side of the truck and remove the panel. You will probably break it trying to remove it without the door open, but you don not have much choice.