1999 Buick Park Avenue Stalls In Park and Turning

I have a 1999 Buick Park Avenue that stalls while decelerating and the gauges go crazy also sitting in park stalls and when turning corners.

Seems like you might have a wiring problem that is acting up when the engine/drivetrain moves. An engine harness could be rubbing somewhere and making contact on decel or turns. Can you tell me if the check engine light comes on at all?

No the check engine light has not come at all. The only thing I’ve done so far is replace the fuel filter, checked the fuses and the spark plugs. My voltage seems a bit high also starting out its at 13.8 when this occurs it drops to 11.7

You might want to try tugging on all the harnesses while the engine is running to see if you can get it to act up. Also, check battery connections, ground wires, etc.

I’ll do that now.

With the voltage dropping when it acts up tells me that you’re losing a feed somewhere. You could even have a faulty computer. You can try banging on the computer lightly with your hand as well to see if it acts up then too.

The computer is behind the glove box right?

No. The computer is located inside the airbox assembly.

With what ive told you you don’t think it could be the EGR valve or idle air control valve or a mass air flow sensor?

From what you describe, the losing power, gauges going crazy, I doubt it is any of those things you mention. The most probable cause of a stalling issue is usually the mass airflow sensor. While that may be a contributing factor, if it is bad, it isn’t going to cause the voltage on the alternator to go low, or make the dash gauges fluctuate.

But wouldn’t the voltage go low if the car is trying to stall out on its own? Just tried hooking an OBD 2 into the data link and it does not work fuse is good.

Yes a bit, but without actually see a voltmeter reading while it’s actually happening, I can’t give you a definitive answer. Also, you might want to consider that if one of those sensors is going bad, it will definitely set a trouble code. You say the check engine light doesn’t come on or stay on, so I’d really concentrate on a wiring issue, or computer problem.

Thanks for the help!!!! a tip is in order for you good sir! I’ll have the computer checked and wiring harnesses then i will get back to you. Tip sent!!! Have a great night!!!

Thank you very much and good luck with the repairs.