ABS And Traction Control Lights On

Where can i get my cars PCM scanned.

What year and model vehicle?

1999 Lincoln towncar.

Most of the large national parts store chains will do that for free.

oh tanks ,so as soon as i get the abs problem fixed the check engine and the traction lights will go off ?

Maybe. Some codes in the ABS will also set codes in the powertrain computer, but not many. The parts stores usually cannot check the ABS computer, only the powertrain. These are 2 different computers.

The ABS WILL set traction codes.

ah ….one more question when the suspension on your car is bad does it start making noises ?

Yes. Most suspension components will cause noises. Can be anything from a click or clunk, to a grind or squeak.

Can the spark plugs turn on the check engine light?

If a spark plug was bad it would cause and engine misfire. This would turn on the check engine light, yes.

Tire Size Question

I was recently short on cash and bought two new tires real cheap from a friend…they were P245 R65 17’s…I put them on the front even though the back tires were P265 R70 17’s…..The truck calls for P245 R70 17’s…….Could this cause the Brake and ABS warning lights to come on after I reach a speed of over 60mpg and stay on?

Absolutely! Incorrect, or mismatched tires on any vehicle with ABS will definitely set the light on and probably set a hard trouble code. What is happening is, the tires being different diameters are turning at different speeds once you get going. The ABS system does not know to compensate for this, since it is expecting to see all the same rotational speed from all four tires. I would recommend getting the correct size tires for the vehicle as soon as you can, as damage can occur otherwise. If your truck is four wheel drive, this will be especially bad when you activate it, so get this problem corrected before then.