Location Of 2000 Buick Century Emission Control Valve

I cant find the  emission control, the picture is too blurry to see it. Can you help? I have a 2000 Buick century 2000. And p0440 and p0442 says i have a leak also.

What emission control component are you looking for? There are many on each vehicle.The codes you have are both for the EVAP system, which controls vehicle emissions. The P0440 is just a general code but the P0442 is a small leak detected code.

Ya, I can’t seem to find where they are located. Any help?

There isn’t an actual ‘location’ that you are seeking. You need to find the problem of the leak, which could be anything from a bad gas cap, to a bad purge solenoid, or a bad EVAP vent valve.

Where is the p0440 emission control and where is the evap vent valve?

There is NO location like that. That is just the trouble code. You need to get it properly diagnosed! The vent valve is located back under the car, near the gas tank, attached close to the evap canister. The purge solenoid is located up in the engine compartment, attached to the intake manifold top.

Alright. how much do you figure to fix the purge solenoid and gas cap would cost?

Well you don’t want to just guess at parts. But if you replaced them, you’re looking at about $50 or so.

Well, i figured i’d replace anything that could need to be fixed, i got the car free from my dad and I’m about 5 months into mechanics. He never really took care of it, so i figured i’d replace any and all solutions.

That can still be a big waste of money if those parts aren’t needed. You could have a completely different problem and not even know it, and after you spend money on unneeded parts, you have that much less to actually fix the car properly. Of course you can do what you want, but it’s always best to try to do it right.

That is true. It says i have a leak also. Would that be at the valve near the tank or up under the hood? or could be both?

It could be either, or none of those. It could be an evap line that actually has the leak….hence the need to actually diagnose it before replacing parts. It could also be the seal around the top of the gas tank where the fuel pump goes in. I’ve seen just about every possible scenario in the past.

Could you suggest the most common one?

I suppose the most common thing would be the vent valve under the car. Those are known to stick open and cause the leak you are referring to.

And how long if that is the problem take to fix? Another question, how come when i turn the car on, it sounds like its rpms are low then goes back up. Almost like it bogs down.

If you can get the car in the air, it only takes about 5 minutes to replace the vent valve. As for the idle problem, that can be a number of things as well, such as a bad throttle position sensor, a bad idle air control valve, a bad EGR valve, clogged air filter, etc.