Dodge Stratus Wipers Stopped Working

I have a 2005 Dodge Stratus. The wipers suddenly stopped working. I checked the fuse, seemed OK. I disconnected the connector on the jumper motor. It appears to be getting power. I turn on intermittent, slow and fast and the connector spot with power changed. I am pretty sure I am hearing the relays click when I change the settings on the switch.

I got a new wiper motor and it still is not working (connected the motor to the power without attaching it to the mechanical wiper mechanism). Do you have any ideas what could be the cause?

ANSWER: Well, you say it seems the fuse is good, the motor appears to be getting power and you think you hear relays. You need to confirm these things with a test light and meter. Maybe or appears or you think, is not very helpful.

You need to confirm the wiper motor has power and ground. You need to confirm the speed and timer circuits are supplying power when the switch is in the proper positions. If replacing the wiper motor (i assume it is the correct one, or do you think it just appears to be the correct one) did not fix the wipers, then the only other thing it could be is the wiper switch or the wiring to the motor.

Get a schematic, a test light and a meter and do the diagnosis to check the output of the switch, and inputs to the motor. If you are just going to guess, you might as well have paid a mechanic to fix it already,.