2000 Dodge Stratus Jolting At Low Speeds

Hello! I own a 2000 Dodge Stratus. Last week I noticed that when I accelerated and decelerated at low speeds my car would ”jolt”. The feeling reminds me of when my old car would stall and my boyfriend describes the feeling as if it is slipping a gear. It only ”jolts” at low speeds (normally around 20 mph) for the first few minutes of the drive. My ”check engine” light is also on. Any suggestions? Thank you!

The first thing you need to do is have the computer scanned for codes, since the check engine light is on. This could be a transmission problem, or a broken engine mount. Both of these things would give the feeling of your Dodge jolting or jerking.

To diagnose a transmission problem, you would really need a mechanic to drive it and feel the condition your car is having. About all you can do yourself is check the fluid level and condition. If it is dark and smells burned, you need to have the trans checked further,

An engine mount you can check for yourself. Put the car is drive with your foot on the brake FIRMLY. Snap the throttle about half way down then let off quickly. Do this several times in drive and reverse. If you hear or feel the problem, have someone look at the engine to see if it is moving more during the the time you feel it. This means you have a mount that is worn out or broken. Closer inspection is needed then to find the faulty part.

Another possibility is an engine misfire. This is usually described as a hesitation. But with the check engine light on, you may have a code P0300 or similar, indicating a misfire. But, I would guess your car has one of the conditions mentioned above- bad engine mount or transmission issues.


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