My Dodge Is Knocking – Intrepid Transmission Problem – Neon Smokes

Dodge Engine Knocking

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I need help on a 318 that started knocking, then I shut it.
Off then pulled the plugs added some Marlves let it sit for a few days and now cant get it to turn. What should I try?


Seems like you’ve had an internal engine failure. During the time it was knocking and then after shutting it off it probably locked up for good. You would have to remove the oil pan and start disassembling connecting rods to get it turn over and then see which cylinder or cylinders have a problem. Probably a complete engine overhaul will be in order here.

Dodge Intrepid Transmission Problem

I have a 1999 dodge intrepid 3.2 liter. I had it scanned and it read a clutch module n transmission module. It ran fine for sometime but the belt knocked off do to the tensioner not being set correctly, now it won’t pass 2nd gear. i was told now I have to do a rebuild or a new transmission. There is no other issues with the car; do I really need that or just the clutch module?


I can’t see the belt coming off really causing you any transmission troubles. If you’ve had the trans issue long enough, it could have done more damage as you drove it, thus leading to needing a rebuild or new trans. You might want to take it to a different shop just to see what they have to say. A second opinion might give you some more answers.

Dodge Neon Smokes

Hello. i have a 2004 dodge neon 2.4 srt 4. the shaft inside my turbo snapped i had it rebuild. I put it back on and connected all the hoses back in place where they are suppose to go. I drove it down the road to see if it was fixed.

The loose problem was fixed put then it started pouring white smoke from the exhaust and it also starting spitting oil from the exhaust. It also started overheating when i was driving it. Put coolant in it and started it back up it did not start smoking til it got heated up. Turned the car off and checked the coolant again and it had nothing it it so i put some in and started it back up it started overheating again.

Turned it off and check the coolant again and it didn’t have nothing in it. So i tried putting more in it parked it up on a incline turned it on it over heated but it did not smoke can you please tell me what this could be. I’m leaning toward a head gasket.


You’re definitely burning coolant somewhere. I’d re-check your installation of the rebuilt turbo and look for anything amiss or installed wrong, or possibly broken. You have to be getting coolant into the combustion chamber somehow to be blowing white smoke like that. Also, it could be something not at all related to the turbo, as in a possible head gasket that has gone bad, or even a cracked cylinder head or block. This would take some looking into to find the exact cause.