2003 Olds Alero Transmission or Catalytic Converter Problem

I have a Oldsmobile 2003 Alero with 67000 miles on it. Yesterday the speedometer started going up and down by itself and wont register. Also the car jerks if you go past 30 MPH and it feels like the speed of the car has to catch up with how hard I’m pressing down on the gas.  Any ideas of what could be wrong.

Sounds like a transmission problem.

The car start perfectly no smoke or any engine problem and it will drive but i have to go very slow and when it starts to jerk I take my foot off the gas and then push down gradually.

It would still run fine and would not smoke even with a transmission problem. If the car is revving up or jerking while accelerating and doesn’t seem to go like it should, you most likely have a bad transmission. There could also be things like an engine misfire or clogged catalytic converter that may act the same. I would recommend getting the car scanned to see if it has any codes stored.

OK thanks. Where could I go to get this looked at and what might be the price for it to get scanned .I also wanted to know how long could I drive it this way?

Any reputable shop or GM dealer can help you out. If you have a transmission problem, you’re looking at least $1000 to get fixed.

Any idea on how long I can drive the car this way.

I would NOT drive it this way, or you will just do more damage.

Thank you.