2001 Chevrolet Silverado Cranks But Will Not Start

My 2001 Chevy will not start. I replaced the fuel filter and I can hear the fuel pump running. Could it still be the fuel pump?

Mechanic JK:
What model Chevrolet is this? Any warning lights on the dash?

Sorry, it’s a Silverado. No lights, and the diagnostic tool shows nothing.

OK. Most likely not the fuel pump. If a new one made no change, then highly unlikely. Have you checked for spark at the plugs?

No…I replaced the fuel filter. My buddy said to spray gas in the throttle body to see if it would start, it doesn’t.

That quick test is to see if the engine is getting fuel. If it was not, and you spray in the throttle then it starts, that shows there was no fuel getting it. Since yours did not start, then you either have no spark, or the injectors are not firing.

How do I check those?

Pull a plug wire off and stick a small screwdriver in it, then place the screwdriver about an inch from a metal object. While cranking engine you should see the spark jump. For the injectors, you need a test light. Unplug an injector and put the test light leads on the connector terminals. Crank engine and the light should flash. There is a special test light light you can buy at any parts store called a “Noid” light.

Okay, so it is most likely not the fuel system? Could it be a sensor that is out?

Does not sound like a fuel pump. To be sure you would need a fuel pressure tester, but it really does not sound like it. Again as I asked about any warning lights- if the security light were flashing, then that would be your problem. You could possibly have a bad crank position sensor. That would cause no spark and no fuel injector pulse.

The security light always flashes, always has. How do I check that sensor? Could it be the timing belt?

A scanner. As for the timing chain, anything is possible, but you need to check the basics first. Broken timing chains are not common at all.

Okay, the scanner you speak of would be the thing you plug into the computer and it gives you a code?


I have one and it gave me no codes.

Then not a security system problem.

Okay, so it is either the spark plugs or the injectors?

Either no spark to the plugs, or no injectors firing. After you determine which one, then you need to figure out why. Check all the fuses first.

There is spark at plugs and fuel at the fuel rail.

OK. Are the injectors firing? What is the fuel pressure?

I have to go buy the noid light and I guess get a pressure checker. Do I need to check all the spark plugs? And which fuse box do I check, the one under the hood or the one in the cab, or both?

Best to check a few. Two on each side is usually sufficient. Check both fuse boxes- all fuses.

ok…I will do that. Thank you.

Chevy 2500hd with 6.6 Duramax

I mounted a rock guard to protect my fifth wheel. Mechanic says this caused catalytic converter to fail. It mounts on the reciever hitch about 18 inches from the muffler. Could this have been the cause?

That sure does not sound like it would have anything to do witht the catalytic converter going bad.

What year is your truck. How many miles on it?

2011. 43000 miles.

Well, then that is still under the factory warranty. Was this a dealer mechanic?

Yes to both.

how close would it have to be to cause a problem?

Seems very odd a dealer Tech would say that. To damage the converter, it would have to be restricting the exhaust in some way. I would try another dealer.