Toyota Corolla Engine Problems

Hi. I have a small problem with my Toyota corolla 97 1.6L. has the light of the engine on, take it to auto zone and the code that came out is P0303. According to them it was the helmet of the ignition. I bought him the ignition helmet, the spark plugs, the spark plug wires, the ignition rotor and the injector of that cylinder and the fault still persists. The car only makes the fault in parking or when I stop the march completely. while I boot it does not make any failure.

Answer: Code P0303 is a misfire on cylinder #3. It sounds like you replaced all the ignition components related to that cylinder as well as the fuel injector. The only thing left is a mechanical problem with that cylinder or a vacuum leak. The vacuum leak is most likely the problem since the misfire only happens when you are at idle. May be an intake manifold gasket leaking. Spray some carb cleaner around the intake manifold to cylinder head mating surface, it the idle surges up then the gasket is leaking and needs to be replaced. If that all seems OK, then you will need to do a compression test and remove the valve comer and check the mechanicals.

Gas Gauge Shows Empty

I filled up my Toyota Corolla Ascent yesterday and it keeps showing its empty. I have no idea what’s going on. Help please!! Thank you.

Answer: Most common cause for gauge to show empty when the gas is full is the fuel level sensor inside the fuel tank. The tank would have to be removed and the sensor replaced.

Put Diesel In Gas Tank

I put less than 0.478 gallon of diesel in my 2008 Toyota Camry hatchback by mistake. What do I do? Will my car stop? Thanks.

Answer: Half of a gallon of diesel fuel will not cause the car to stop running as long as there is a few gallons of regular gas in the tank. If you are lucky, you should fill the tank to the top and drive the car so it get diluted. Also, run some fuel injector cleaner through the car and drive it around. You should be OK.

Engine Swap Question

Engine swap- can a manual go into a automatic? What to do besides swap the flywheel for a flexplate, does the flexplate need a shim? Have a automatic 2007 Toyota Corolla and blew the engine, found a replacement engine for it but it is from a manual transmission, same car, same year. Swapped the flywheel for the flex plate, is there anything else that needs to be done to make the new engine work? Or can it?

Answer: Yes, the swap can be done easily. The engine does not know or care what transmission is behind it. just swap the flywheel and good to go.