Saturn Vue Engine Light – SL2 Problems

Hey guys, I’m trying to replace the thermal sensor on my VUE 2009 responsible for the ambient temperature. On the dashboard it’s always stuck at 181 degrees. I read somewhere it’s behind the grill. Does anyone have any idea? Thanks for the help guys.

Mechanic JK:
Yes. The outside temperature sensor is located behind the grill. Actually behind it and in front of the radiator. Your will need to remove the entire front fascia. That the what used to be called the bumper cover. The sensor bolts on to the top of the cross car brace. Just one bolt and one electrical connector.

Removing the fascia is a pretty big deal if you never have done this. It is actually quite easy to break it. There are many bolts withing the wheel wells and under the front of it. Then retaining clips around the headlight that are very hard to release. This is where breakage most usually occurs.

1997 Saturn SL2

1997 Saturn sl2 check engine lite periodically comes on 4 knock sensor out of range, car hesitates on acceleration would replacement of sensor solve problem?

Replacing the knock sensor is a good idea if you have a code for it. If it is acting up, it will cause a hesitation or lack of power if the computer thinks the knock sensor is activating when it shouldn’t.

Engine Vibration

I have a 2000 Saturn SL2. When i start the car the engine starts to vibrate and when i put it on drive it shakes even more and it shuts off on me. What can the problem be?

Sounds like the engine is running on 2 cylinders. With a four cylinder engine, this will cause it to run terrible and dies out. Check spark plugs, plug wires and ignition coils.