1999 Oldsmobile Cutlass Engine Light and Transmission Problems

Hey I have 1999 Oldsmobile Cutlass 3.1 liter vin J motor. When I go to accelerate up a hill the car kicks in out of overdrive(rpms surge between 2500-3000.) Any idea what it could be?

It sounds like the beginning of a transmission problem if it’s hunting for gears on an incline.

I just had transmission replaced. The one in it now has 25000 miles on it,and the old transmission did same thing. We replaced torque converter also when replaced transmission.

Was the problem fixed at all after replacement?

No same problem.

So the problem was never fixed by replacing the transmission then?

No it wasnt it actually killed my other transmission.

Is the check engine light on?

Yea it comes up secondary air malfunction and heater circuit malfunction o2. I did noticed when i drive on interstate and hit and bump my coolant gauge drops to zero and my brakes abs light flash then go back to normal, i was wondering if a bad ground. I did noticed when I drive on interstate and hit and bump my coolant gauge drops to zero and my brakes and ABS light flash then go back to normal. I was wondering if a bad ground.

The air injection code isn’t a concern, but the oxygen sensor code can cause multiple problems, especially if it’s switching in and out of closed loop. I would get that fixed first.

It comes up for rear O2 sensor though.

Yeah that sounds like a wiring problem like a loose connection or ground. something could have been left loose or not connected correctly during the transmission swap. It will take some looking over.

Where would you recommend to look for ground wire at?

There are many grounds on the vehicle, located on the block, the trans, the firewall, the core support, inside the car, under the car…way too many to list, I’d say check them all, as well as every connection that was taken loose to do the trans swap. you can try wiggling and pulling on electrical harnesses with the car running to see if you can get it to act up and pinpoint the problem location a bit easier.

Ok one other question I get lukewarm heat in my car. I replaced thermostat, flushed heater core and still lukewarm. If I switch the ducts to circulate interior I get heat but if I switch it out to outside circulate I get no heat or if using defroster I get ice cold heat.

That is a temp door, or actuator problem. You’d have to do some disassembly of the dash to find the problem. It may have set a body code as well if it is a faulty actuator.

Thank you, i appreciate help.

No problem at all, have a nice night.