2000 Ford f150 Engine Has No Power

After having my truck worked on for an all of a sudden from running great to next morning it was skipping and like to never took off for spitting and sputtering. No power to pull any kinda grade then get up a little speed to have it shift into overdrive. Then we started running hot.

So i got a mechanic “so called” now i think i am in worse shape. Nothing he did helped anything and said there is no way of been 100% sure so ive cleaned out the radiator in case that was why it was running hot but it wasn’t cause it has still over heated a few times but not as often. We changed the fuel filter to help with all the spitting and sputtering in case maybe it picked up trash when it was low on gas, that didnt help so then he said catalytic converter was or could be the problem so he cut one off and replaced it with pipes instead. Still no luck.

Maybe it helped it not run hot as much i am unsure. So we thought maybe a tune up would do the trick or help. New wires plugs and thats when we also did the fuel filter to no avail. Still runs like shit so we checked the thermostat to see if it was sticking or stuck cause the heat gauge inside keeps saying its hot every time we run it a few miles but its not always hot. well i dont know what or why checking the thermostat left these results but its ten times louder sounds like an old tractor thats about on its last leg. I looked underneath to see what the hell he did under there and i am no mechanic but i am not stupid but i think something is missing cause there is a hole in the bottom of the bell housing. Since the rest of the underneath has a even amount of grease and crude this hole was shinny around the edges and i could see the fly wheel i think that’s what you call it or something any way and now there is definitely transmission fluid been lost from somewhere obviously.

Also after he just checked the thermostat and all the water leaked out that we know of we were replacing the water into the radiator when we noticed water coming out from somewhere further back than the radiator. a strong leak i am talking about. while running and putting the water in that just made its way back out thats when the loudness started and death to my ford came to mind. What has happened or why somebody with some sense and compassion help a girl please. Its my only ride and i cant afford for it to completely die . I do believe someone could help me figure this out please and thank you.

Answer: With so many different things going on, i would not even know where to start.

Spitting and sputtering is usually an ignition problem.

A hole in the bellhousing ? ? ?

Overheating, coolant leak. That would need a pressure test to find the exact location.

Ford F-150 Won’t Fire Up

I’m having problems with my 1993 ford f150 xlt, the other day it started fine and then died, now it wont start, we already had to replace the distributor and coil pack for a previous issue, so now we replaced the electronic control module and condenser thinking that was the issue but it still wont fire, only cranks, any ideas on what the issue could be?

ANSWER: You need to confirm the engine does not have spark or does not have fuel. You keep replacing ignition parts but did not specify if that is because the engine does not have spark or you are just guessing.

F-150 4WD Light

2006 ford f150 4wd engine light on and suddenly it start blinking and flashing and during that moment the vehicle suddenly stops moving and stops taking gas.

Answer: The light flashing means there is a problem in the 4WD system. If the truck stops moving, then the system may be mechanically bound up because of a solenoid in the transfer case or differential or a faulty control module.