Ford f150 power loss at half throttle

Ive got a 1995 Ford F-150 4×4 with the 302 5 speed. All started with a few bucks when it was cold and the check engine light would come on then go off. Now the check engine light is steady on and it works ok at half throttle.

But anymore than that it looses power completely. The truck is shut off only its not. If you let off the gas it goes back to normal till you go above half throttle again.

Answer: You need to first get the codes scanned from the computer. Your truck might have a bad throttle position sensor (TPS).

You might have a problem with low fuel pressure. Either a bad fuel pump or plugged filter. This would loss of power at higher engine RPM and hard acceleration.

Truck may also have the ignition system cutting off. You would feel this as an engine misfire then cutting off. A bad ignition coil that is breaking down under heavy loud. Try spraying water from a squirt bottle on the ignition coil to see if it causes your Ford to start sputtering. Or you may even see spark jump from the coil to a ground.

Possible bad ground wire. As you accelerate hard the engine ill normally move. It would be even worse with a broken engine mount. The engine moving will pull on wiring harnesses. Try doing a break torque. Foot on the brake pedal firmly and give it heavy throttle. If you can get it to act up, put it in reverse and do the same thing. If the problem goes away then look for wires being pulled since the engine moving the other direction in reverse does not cause the problem.

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