Ford Trucks Throttle Body Bad- Won’t Start

Hello I have a 2006 Ford Explorer XLT. It has about a hundred and fifteen thousand miles on it. The Saturday before Christmas I pulled out of my driveway and drove maybe half a mile and then the wrench light came on so I pulled over and as soon as I came to a complete stop the car turned off.

I tried for a good 10 minutes or so to turn it back on but it would not start. So I called for a tow and between the time that I called and the time that he almost got there I got it to start. The wrench light was no longer on but the check engine light was on. I drove it the half of Mile home and met the tow truck driver here. When the tow truck driver came he was able to start it no problem but the check engine light was still on. I do not know if it lost any power when the wrench light came on because we were going downhill and pulled over at the bottom of the hill so I did not feel any difference with the vehicle but like I said we were going downhill so if any power was lost we would have thought it anyways.

Well after the garage had it for over a week they finally called me yesterday and said that it did show a code for the throttle body sensor but he said that it only did it once he cleared everything that was in there and has restarted it at least 30 times and has driven it for 5 times and no lights have come back on and he said that it is driving fine there is no stalling no hesitation no shifting problems nothing like that. So at this point he is saying he doesn’t know why it did that. Would it be in my best interest just to replace the throttle body position sensor and have the throttle body itself cleaned? Or could this have just been a fluke? The morning that it happened it was very cold out and very foggy. I hate to go pick it up from him and me driving again and have the same thing happen and leave me on the side of the road further away from home. Especially with the weather we’ve been having where it’s been in the teens for the highs during the day. Is the TPS something i can replace myself?

ANSWER: Without knowing the exact codes that was in the computer, we cannot confirm it is a TPS problem. If the mechanic said there was a code for it, then yes, it may be going bad and will continue to get worse and cause problem more often. But, when you said that the weather was cold and damp (foggy) this makes me think that possibly that contributed. If the throttle body is very dirty, this type of weather can cause it to get very gummy and cause problem. I would suggest having the throttle cleaned real good, then see how it is. Also check the wiring connector at the sensor. Give each wire a little tug to make sure non of them are partially broken inside the insulation. If wires check out and cleaning does not help and code returns, then replace the sensor.

Ford F-150 Turns Over Won’t Start

My 2012 F150 turned over but would not start on Friday evening. Same thing all day Saturday. Sunday evening it started just fine, and has every time since. Any idea what would cause this?

ANSWER: There ares several things that can cause that. You need to find out what is missing when it won’t start. Is there spark? Is there fuel pressure? A general crank and no start is too vague. Could be bad fuel pump, ignition module, crank position sensor, theft deterrent system, etc.

Truck Stalls When Warm

Stalling when truck is warm or on a short run. Fuel filter, spark plugs, wires, coils, module changed. Clean throttle body. What is problem, thanks.

ANSWER: Could be any number of problems. Is the fuel pressure going down because of a bad fuel pump? Does the engine have a vacuum leak? Check for a vacuum leak. The intake manifold gaskets are common problem for leaking coolant and vacuum causing low idle. Check the fuel pressure regulator ( FPR ). If that is leaking gas it would also cause the stalling problem you are having.

Thank you for fast answer. One leak on top throttle body line going to PCV. I sealed it. Fuel pump i think is good. Truck can do 100k in 10sec. Fuel regulator i had in mind yesterday. On sunday i seal the gasket no more leak. Leaking gas can smell on inside and is located be side throttle body that one.

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