Ford Taurus Power Steering Pump Leak

2000 Ford Taurus replaced power steering pump now leaking at hose. Have installed the Teflon ring and neoprene o ring. When we tighten the compression nut to the pump we are still able to move the high pressure hose in and out and it leaks at that point. We have tried a couple of new pumps and the threads are not stripped.

Answer: Did you swap out the fitting from the old pump to the new pump? Many times the new pump will not come with the fitting in the high pressure port on the power steering pump and needs to be installed on the new one. The fitting may also have a valve and spring with it. Check your old one.

If that is not your problem, then make sure you have any fitting tight on the pump before you install the hose. It must be tight before installing the hose. If you try to install the hose and fitting at the same time onto the pump, it will never get tight.

Another possibiltiy is that the fitting or port is the incorrect depth for the hose, therefor it will never get tight. You say you tried a couple of pumps? If you keep getting the pump from the same manufacturer, that could be a production problem with that particular part. Try a different brand.