Chevy Malibu Temperature Gauge And Code P0171 Lean Problems

I have recently received a 2001 chevy malibu as a gift from my parents and randomly now the temperature gauge will shoot all the way up to the ”danger” zone and then when i pull the car of and don’t move for a little while it goes back down.

I was told a few things that could be wrong, either the thermal sensor or maybe the thermostat, i don’t want to go out and buy one and it be the other or something totally different. I don’t have a lot of money so getting this fixed right the first time would be the best goal for me? So can anyone tell me exactly what is wrong with my car and what i need to get fixed?

Unfortunately, without working on your car in person, I can only give you examples of what may be wrong with it. Yes, you could have something as simple as a thermostat problem….or something severe as a blown head gasket. The V6 engines in the Malibu and other GM products are notorious for intake gasket leaks and head gasket problems. Something like this would really need to be diagnosed by a live technician who can visually inspect your car and do checks of the cooling system. M

Maybe it’s something like a fan not working, or even just a gauge or temp sensor issue. Even old coolant that no longer has any cooling properties can cause an engine to run hot. If the engine has a lot of miles and/or has not been well maintained, there can be build up in the cooling system that restricts flow and causes an overheat condition. Impellers on the water pump can also rust away over the years and not pump the coolant as it should. As you can see, there is lots to consider here. Do yourself a favor and take it a shop.

P0171 Lean Code

I have an 06 Malibu and the check engine light came on checked and it gave me a service code of P0171 can you tell me what the problem is i heard there was a recall from the factory but don’t know for sure.

The code P0171 is a  ‘Fuel Trim Lean’ trouble code. This means the engine is getting more air than fuel in the air/fuel mixture. This can be caused by a vacuum leak, or something as simple as the air filter lid not attached properly. Sometimes poor fuel quality will set this code as well. A faulty  Mass Airflow Sensor can also set this code. There is no recall for your vehicle for this particular problem.