1996 Pontiac Grand Am Code P0171 and EGR

HI,I have a 1996 Pontiac Grand am that has two codes P0401 and P0171 can the two be relayed I know one is EGR flow insufficient and the other is fuel system lean. do you think the EGR Valve is staying open causing the lean.

They can be related yes. The p0171 is a lean code, and the p0401 is an EGR code. If the EGR valve is having a problem, it can introduce more air into the intake system which can set a lean code. I would recommend getting the EGR system checked out first.

Thank you !

2001 Grand Am 4 cylinder

It says its misfiring but i changed the coil pack an its still doing it so what could it be.

It could be anything from a spark plug, or ignition wire, or bad ignition module or PCM. Some further diagnosis would be in order here.

okay thank you so should i hook it to a diagnostic machine again or change the ignition module an PCM.

I wouldn’t throw any parts at it that aren’t necessary. I would try to find which cylinder or cylinders are misfiring and go from there. It could easily just need new plugs or wires, and that is far cheaper than guessing at a module or PCM.

okay ill try them an see an then if not ill try those thank you.

Where is the crankshaft position sensor on a 2009 Pontiac G6 GT

What engine size do you have?

3.5L V6.

The crank sensor is located at the crankshaft, behind the harmonic balancer.

Sorry but wheres the harmonic balancer? Is it easy to install ?

The harmonic balancer, otherwise known as the crankshaft pulley is on the front of the engine, pressed on the crankshaft snout. You have to remove the drive belt, and then use a special puller to get it off to access the crank sensor area.

Should I get a mechanic to fix it or can I do it my self? Is there a web site that has step by step instructions?

If you’re capable, it is definitely a job you can do yourself with the right tools. no websites that I know of other than a pay for subscription like “Motors Manuals” or Chilton Manuals”, but there are really only a few steps…..remove the belt, remove the balancer, remove the crank sensor and install a new one…..easy! Again, with the right tools.

Sounds good. Have a nice night.

Will a bad EGR valve make my car misfire?

I’m getting 3 codes. EGR valve, o2 sensor and misfire on 2 cylinder.
A bad EGR valve can make an engine run roughly, but usually will not cause a single cylinder misfire.

You most likely have multiple issues causing your problems.

I have a Pontiac G6 and it was acting kind of funny for about a week, the RPM’s were bouncing around and the cruise wouldn’t work right. I went and started it one day to leave and let it run for about 5 minutes then it died and would not start again. I scanned it and the PO449 code came up so I replaced the Evap solenoid and put in a much needed new battery and it still won’t start I have no idea what to check next?

The vent solenoid code will not cause your car to not start. If it is cranking good, then you need to find out if you have spark, fuel pressure and injector pulse.