1996 Pontiac Grand Am Gauges Problem

I have a 1996 Pontiac Grand Am, the car starts then dies. There is no power to the gauge cluster and the radio wont come on. I replaced ignition switch but did not help. Battery is fully charged. Lights and turn signals work. Help please.

Just to be clear, did you replace the ignition switch (electrical part) or the ignition cylinder?


Have you checked all the fuses….under the hood, and in the side of the dash?

Yes metered all tested ok.

Ok, how about any aftermarket items installed? alarm? remote start? etc?


Alright, if you’re absolutely sure the ignition switch is functioning correctly, then you most likely have a Body Control Module that is bad.

Is there a way to test it?

You might want to check for all your power and grounds through the ignition switch one more time as well.

Unfortunately, there is no real way to test the BCM. You have to just go with eliminating every other possible problem.

If you have power and ground through the BCM, you know those wires are ok, so it would be an internal problem in the BCM.

Ok thank you for the help.

Not a problem, have a nice night!

2001 Grand Am SE dash light says Trac

What do i do to fix it.

User 192, You could have a multitude of problems, anything from an ABS issue to a transmission problem. You would need to get the car scanned to see what the trouble is. Then it will be easier to diagnose.

Good answer, thank you.

2002 Grand Am

When I can’t get the radio to work. Is there a fuse that goes straight to the radio?

Do you know if you have power to the radio? Or could be in theft lock mode where it will not operate?

2001 Pontiac Grand Am Transmission

Now I need to know how to put transmission fluid back in.

Is your vehicle equipped with a transmission that has a dipstick tube?

No it is not.

OK then, there is a small cap located in the top of transmission that you can remove and add fluid to. Use a long funnel to reach it better.

Could you tell me what side of the trans i could find the filler cap.

It will be on the left (drivers) side of the vehicle. You may have to remove the air cleaner lid and associated tubing to really get a reach at it, but it’s right under that area.

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