1995 Pontiac Bonneville Won’t Idle

I have a 1995 Pontiac Bonneville that has a 3.8L (3800)v6 engine, It starts rough and wont idle it also wont accelerate or climb hills. I have changed all 3 ignition coils and cleaned the fuel injectors what should I do next I really need this car to work.

Ok, is the check engine light on or anything like that?

Yes the check engine light is on I tried taking it to Auto zone to get a code but the blasted thing wouldn’t connect.

Yes, getting the code would be good. I’m sure it is probably a misfire code since it is running rough. Have you checked the spark plugs and ignition wires?

What I originally thought were spark plugs turned out to be the ends of the ignition coils. If this is what I ma supposed to be checking where and how?

I believe the engine is a 96 rather than a 95 if that helps I bought the car off a guy it was running just fine then one day it just went poot.

If the coil terminals were burned or corroded, the inside of the spark plug wires are probably too

They didn’t appear to be corroded but I suppose I could attempt to replace the wires

You could also have a faulty ignition module.

You don’t suppose the idle air control valve needs replacing do you?

You would really need the exact trouble code or codes stored to really get a good diagnosis. I highly doubt it.

Since the car on the OBD reader wouldn’t link how could I go about getting the code?

No, that wouldn’t be your problem. Well, you’d have to get that problem fixed first I suppose. It could be just a blown fuse that isn’t letting the diagnostic port power up.

Ahh i see well thanks I will try to get that issue resolved as well as try replacing the spark plug cables thank you.

You’re welcome, glad to help! Have a nice night.

You too.