mitsubishi galant is acting up

I have a 2002 Mitsubishi Galant 2.4 engine. When I stop, it acts like it’s going to shut off if i don’t hit the gas right away but then if i do it jumps or skips or something in that nature and then clears up and is fine until i have to stop again.

Answer: You have an idle problem.

The fact that the engine almost dies until you give it a little gas then surges means that the engine cannot control the low idle properly. You toughing the gas pedal gives it a little help, then it can control it. This is usually caused by carbon buildup in the throttle body.

The engine cannot control the idle when there is carbon buldup, so it can stall or surge to try to gain a good low idle. Have the throttle cleaned real good, then take it out on the highway to “blow it out” real good.

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