Mitsubishi Gallant Codes Po765 po760

Mitsubishi Gallant Anti-lock light was on the dash then a couple days later I was on the freeway doing 65 miles per hour my car dropped down to 40 miles per hour and the RPM’s went up high but my car would not accelerate.

When I pulled over to put it in park I tried to move It again by putting it in drive, my Mitsubishi Gallant would not budge no matter what gear i was in. My transmission fluid was full. Someone told me it has to do with solenoids. Please help.

Answer: Yes, the codes Po765 po760 are for a problem with the transmission shift solenoids. You need to have them diagnosed. It could be a wiring problem going to the solenoids, but most likely just a faulty part.

Shift solenoids do just what they are called- control the transmission shifting. The ABS light may be related also. When the computer sees a problem in the transmission, it will disable the antilock brakes- depending on what the fault is.