coil over sleeves- do i need after market struts??

Question: i have a 94 Honda civic ex with a 1.5 sohc vtec motor.

The thing is that i decided to buy coil over sleeves to be able to adjust my car height and the reason i bought them was because i don’t have enough money to buy a whole coil over kit, well i learned that its bad to add the sleeves to my stock struts.

Do i need to buy aftermarket struts that will fit my sleeves?? if not i have to do some major adjustments to my stock struts, and that means cutting and welding, but i don’t want to do that.

Answer. Yes, it sounds like you are going to need to buy the correct struts to get the coil over springs to work.

Cutting and welding is too big a job and may cause more problems, so getting the correct parts is the way to go.

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