Chevy Aveo Won’t Start- Oil Overfull- Engine Won’t Crank

I am assuming I messed up my lady’s Aveo when I way overfilled it with two gallons of 5w 30 oil. I know, I am a complete moron. I Started the car after over filling it and saw that oil was spitting out and engine was shaking so turned it off. Tried to start the car and only clicked.

I drained the oil and put the same oil I had put in since it was clean. I know it was clean because there was no oil at all inside to begin with. I tried turning it on again a few times then just let it sit and settle overnight. Dipstick still says low and car only clicks and dies. Lights are on and bright. Can’t be the battery, right? Also tried jumping car and still nothing. How bad did I mess this up? What can I do? Cheapest way to fix?

ANSWER: If the engine wont turn over, crank; sounds like there was so much oil in the car that it caused what is called a “Hydro-static Lock”. If oil was spitting out all over, then it probably also got into the cylinders. This causes the engine not to turn because the cylinders are full of oil, and a fluid cannot be compressed like air does. If this happened, you may have bent some piston connecting rods.

You can try to remove the spark plugs, crank the engine over and over, spray brake cleaner in cylinders and blow out with air. Anything to try to get all the oil out. If it does crank with the spark plugs out, you may be able to save the engine. If not, then time for a new one.

Chevy Aveo Loses Dash Lights

I have a 2005 Chevy Aveo, which should be throwing a check engine code and is not, when I turn the key the light does come on, how ever where it is located is associated with my clock once I start her I loose my clock and have no lights on the instrument panel except the seat belt light.

ANSWER: If you are saying that the engine light comes on when you turn on the key, but then all lights except seatbelt go off when you start your Aveo, then you may have a wiring problem to the dash. Could possibly have a problem in the mocule that controls the llghts, this is called the BCM (Body control module).

Just because the check engine light is on when the key is in the on position does not mean there is a code stored. The light will always come on when key on or first started. If it stays on, then you have a trouble code stored.