Ford Explorer check engine code P0106

I have Ford Explorer model XLT 2009  4.0L-V6, my problem is check engine light ON. After Computer test appears ( code P0106 ). I read about P0106 code. that mean a problem in Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor (MAP)
So car mechanic told me to change the EGR sensor.

I buy original part from Ford Motor Company. And we reset and delete all codes. But still check engine light ON ( Code P0106 ).

We test transmission Wires from EGR to car Computer ( Engine Control Module) (ECM) all was good !

Car mechanic told me to change Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor ? Another told me no? One mechanic told me to change the car Computer ( Engine Control Module) (ECM) . Another told me no?

A car mechanic told me No MAP sensor in in ford explorer 2009! If he wrong where can I found the (MAP sensor) for ford explorer 2009? So whats the problem? where is the problem? Please help me in my problem Thank You.

Answer: There is no MAP sensor on your Ford. It is part or the MAF sensor. That is why the one mechanic told you to replace that. The sensor is internal to the mass airflow sensor. Without seeing scanner data, i could not tell you for sure that is the problem, but it most likely is.

Another possibility is vacuum leak. A leak will cause the pressure in the manifold to be out of range and could cause the code P0106. If the EGR valve was the problem, you would notice that the engine is running very poorly at idle and will stumble on acceleration. You would also have lean 02 sensor codes.

Explorer Sport Trac Won’t Turn Over

My Ford Explorer Sport Trac won’t attempt to start, it doesn’t even attempt to turn over. I have power to all my lights and radio. So far I have replaced the battery, the battery terminal connectors, the ignition switch, and the starter. After all those replacements my truck is still having the issue. What are some common problems with this?

Answer: If the check engine light is on have the codes scanned first.

Check to see if there is the security / theft system warning light on the dash. A problem in that system will cause the truck to not turn over. If it has an aftermarket remote start or alarm have that disconnected first.

Next you would want to check the neutral safety switch. If the truck does not think the shifter is in park it will not allow the engine to crank over. You can test this by having someone look at the reverse lights and then shift into reverse to see if they come on. If they do not then that switch is the problem. Or possibly it is just out of adjustment.

EGR valve possible problem. Open could make car stall, FPR looks good no gas leak. Car runs good no codes but sometimes stalls. What about about a sticking idle control motor? That is what control engine idle. Maybe the crank position sensor is getting hot.