2005 GMC Envoy Check Engine Light Code P0410

Hi , i have a 2005 GMC Envoy with the code P0410 Straight six Cylinder with a check engine light.

First be sure to check all the fuses. If OK, a common problem is a valve on the passenger side of the engine. If fuse is blow for A.I.R.pump, have had the pump fill with water. there is a service bulletin to replace an air intake hose and reroute it.

Have a good night , I really appreciate the help .. just bought the vehicle wanna get rid of the check engine light , Thanks again.

Good Luck, and come visit us again !

Thank you … i am sure i will see you again.

2006 GMC Sierra

I cut muffler off and welded a piece of pipe in its place will this cause any engine damage

It should not cause any actual damage, but will affect back pressure and performance, along with being loud!

How will it affect back pressure and performance.

Well, the engine is tuned for a specific amount of back pressure from the factory exhaust…when that changes, especially having none with no muffler, it will actually lose power.

Will it affect the gas mileage and how.

It probably will not have a positive or negative impact on gas mileage.

So i’ll just loose power then right.

Yes, it may not even be noticeable, but there will be some loss.

Chevy Trailblazer Code P0410

I have a 2005 Chevy Trailblazer. I keep getting the code P0410. I have replaced the check valve and the pump. Are there any suggestions on what to look at next.

You may want to look at the relay for the pump. Those have been known to go bad, corrode, and short out. Since you’ve replaced the pump and valve, that is really all that is left. Make sure there are no restrictions in the tubes as well.

Will do, thanks.

I just replaced the crank shaft and cam sensors on 2002 GMC Envoy i had a engine troubleshoot done because i had a engine light on now its saying condition valve timing off what do i do.

Do you have a trouble code stored?

Yes P1345 and P0014.

Yes, you need to replace the cam phaser actuator located on the right side of the engine, in the front, just under the valve cover area behind the power steering pump. That should solve your problem.

The car is shutting off when put on defrost and when cold the RPM’s are going up and down is that the cam phaser.

No, that is something different. You need a throttle body cleaning to take care of that problem. Our MODERATOR can post a link to the procedure if you’d like.

We sprayed throttle cleaner in but it did’nt resolve the issue.

You probably didn’t do a good enough job. It requires a severe cleaning, not just spraying some cleaner in it.

Ok sounds great thank you for your help can you provide the link.

Glad to help, and thank you! The MODERATOR should bring the link up shortly.

I accidentally put diesel in my gas engine car and drove a small distance before pulling over. I took it to a mechanic, but they can’t look at it until tomorrow. Im worried it wont be able to run again. I would just like some reassurance to calm my nerves.

Answer: Yes, this is very bad. Depending on how much diesel fuel you put in the car as compared to how much gas was in there plus how long you drove it this way, you could have done some major damage.

When this happens, the fuel system needs to be completely cleaned out. That means fuel tank, all the lines, fuel injectors, spark plugs etc. You could also have damaged the catalytic converter. This could be a very expensive repair depending on if there is actual damage or cleaning the system out fixes it.