1993 Ford Ranger Clutch Master Cylinder Assembly

Ford Ranger the line going from the side of the clutch master cylinder down to the transmission. It is leaking at the point where the line is attached to the side of the master cylinder. I need to know about the o-ring washer that goes on the end of the fitting. Seems it was bad and deteriorated so I do not know what it looked like.

I have tried putting another small o-ring washer on it, but still get a leak. The line also has some play in ii that allows it to be pulled very slightly.

Thanks for any help

Answer: Your best bet is to go to your local Ford dealer. They will have the correct O ring. You may also need to replace the line if it is that loose. Even the wrong size O ring will not cause the line to be loose. Dont go to a local parts store because they will not have the proper listing of O ring or line size. Cut out the middle man and get the right parts from Ford.