1993 Buick Lesabre Stalls Then Starts Right Up

I have a 1993 Buick Lesabre 3800 engine. It starts and runs great. But after driving 25 to 30 miles it will die, I put it in neutral and it starts right back up and goes an while longer before it dies again. sometimes it will die several times in a row in a mile of travel but always starts right back up. I’ve had it checked several times and no one has been able put their finger on what the problem is. I have talked to two other people that has had the same problem with their 3800 engines.

That is the tell-tale sign of a faulty ignition module or crank sensor. After the engine has ran a bit and warmed up, the heat from the engine ends up killing either of those sensors, or sometimes both. It will usually start right back up, but will continue to die while hot…after sitting for a bit and cooling off, it will be fine again until it heats up or is driven for a while. I’d get either of those checked out and/or replaced.

1996 Buick Lesabre

I have a 3.8 1996 Buick Lesabre that started and then died. Now I have no power to power windows, power seats and fuel pump. All relays are in good working order. Have looked for 6 wire ground under driverside carpet but it’s not there. Don’t know where to go from here. Need help please.

You say the relays are good, but how about all the fuses? Fusible links? Lots of other things to check. You could also just have a bad ignition switch or related wiring. You really need to get a test light out and start tracing circuits to find your exact problem. Should be easy to find since you’ve lost power to multiple items. Get your hand on a schematic and find any related splices, modules and grounds/power feeds for the windows, seats, and fuel pump.

Hard To Start

2002 Buick Lesabre cranks fine initially, turn engine directly off and restart cranks over twice as many times as usual until it finally starts.

You might be loading the cylinders up doing that. Too much fuel in the system can cause this problem. You may also want to check the fuel pressure regulator for any leaks. If the diaphragm is ruptured it will introduce more fuel into the intake than expected and will affect restarts.

I did check fuel pressure I hav 40 running and dropped to @ 32 engine off what should it be?

That is too low for sure. You should have 45psi key on and/or engine running. You either need a new fuel pump, or are losing volume and pressure due to a clogged fuel filter or ruptured fuel pressure regulator.

Thanks have replaced fuel filter will check regulator then move on to fuel pump any signs to look for at regulator

Yes, with the engine hot, remove the vacuum line from the regulator and look for any fuel coming from the tube or regulator itself. Even if you can smell gas, the regulator is bad.