1994 Pontiac Transport Van Starts Then Stalls

I have a 1994 Pontiac Transport van it cranks up then dies right away there is a little light that comes on when it dies bottom right corner of the dash it is round with an arrow pointing down what is that symbol mean and could this be my problem please help.

That could be the low coolant light, and probably not the cause of your starting and stalling problem.there could be a multitude of things that are causing your problem….ignition, fuel, bad computer, security problem, etc…

Not sure if it has anti theft or not no light on but it acts like theft problem i worked on Fords for 28 years kinda lost on this one can you give any suggestions.

I would have it scanned for codes first.

Will oil pressure switch cause this problem.

It can but I’ve rarely seen that as a problem.

I replaced the processor tonight and the same thing.

What do you mean my processor? The computer?

Yes. We at Ford call them that not real familiar with Chey’s terminology.

Did you change over the chip inside the computer as well?

Don’t think it has a prom am i wrong in thinking that.

Yes it does.

But it did the same thing before i changed the computer.

I’m not saying it will fix your problem….but you do need to change the chip over if you ever want it to start and run.

Why would it do same thing with either computer if chip was the problem ?

I’m not saying this is the problem at ALL!!! What I am saying is that when you change out the computer, you NEED to swap the chip from the old one to the new one or the vehicle will NOT run…ever!! Swap the prom chip and then continue on trying to find out what the trouble is!!

Thank you for the advice and help i will try that.

Good luck.

2005 Pontiac Montana Interior Lights

The dash lights, console lights, running lights, and window switches do not work. keeps blowing 20 amp fuse at #37 on fuse terminal above battery in engine compartment. Vehicle has DRL system that engages when low light. Have to turn on lights manually, brake lights, turn signals, reverse lights all work. Interior bell dings rapidly with all possible systems off as if warning something is still on. Checked all fuses to DRL system on both fuse boxes. What else can i check?

How about telling us your year and model of vehicle????

2005 Pontiac Montana van. I replace the 20 amp fuse turn the van on and it blows the fuse.

You’ve got a short somewhere that will require wire tracing.

Great. Could a trailer wiring system affect that daytime running lights and interior dash lights?

Yes, the trailer wiring can affect all these lighting systems. You could have a bad module, like a Body Control Module or PCM as well. Unfortunately this is hard to diagnose without actually looking at the vehicle. If you’re familiar with wiring, you can trace the affected circuits and hopefully find where the problem is.

Ok thanks guys for your time.

You are welcome.

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