Where Is The Coolant Temp Sensor Located?

Where is the Coolant temperature sensor located at on a 1999 Oldsmobile Silhouette?

It is located on the left side of the front cylinder head on the intake.

ok if that is bad will it keep the cooling fans from coming on have replaced the Coolant temperature switch and all 3 relays and the still will not come on any ideas.

it can cause fan problems too, yes. You might want to check for trouble codes first.

I have checked for trouble codes using OBDII no stored codes or any codes set and cannot locate sensor on left side of front head is it located under the plenum?

ok, and yes the sensor is right there. Front cylinder head, on the intake manifold, drivers side, right below the intake. You will the connector for it if look down next to the throttle body area.

The sensor located right below the throttle body area is the Coolant temperature switch already replaced that and is working according to OBDII and PCM outputs I am now trying to locate the two wire Coolant Temperature Sensor not to be confused with the 3 wire Coolant Temperature Switch.

The sensor in the intake manifold IS the coolant temperature sensor.

There are 2 sensors located in the block under neath the head one directly above the oil filter and the other above the starter but no sensors actually in the head the temperature switch actually bolts into lower intake on the left side of the of the front head is where the Engine mount bolts when you say left side you do mean driver side of vehicle correct?

The sensors in the block are the knock sensor and oil pressure switch. There is ONLY one temperature sensor on the vehicle. It controls the temp gauge, computer functions, etc.

That is what I thought if memory served me correctly but have looked the head over and there are no sensors located in the front head is it at all possible that the heads could have been put on wrong when the engine was rebuilt to where it is now on the backside near the firewall?

If you’ve replace that already you have a fan motor problem, PCM problem, or wiring problem.

Is there any way to ohm the wires out from the PCM? have replaced and tested both fans are good.

Yes, you can ohm them out. Unplug at fan, unplug at PCM, check resistance.

Thank you Sirs the van belongs to a single mother of 4 and am trying to help get her a dependable vehicle unfortunately I have not turned wrenches since 06 when had an accident and bed lift cable breaking at GM and was let go after permanent damage to hands wrists elbows and shoulders ripped out of joint.

2000 Oldsmobile Silhouette

How to find heater intake hose on Oldsmobile Silhouette 2000 and install coolant flushing kit in it?

The heater hoses on your van’s engine are located on the firewall a bit more towards the driver’s side of the vehicle. Follow them to the back/bottom of the intake manifold, and coolant crossover pipe. What kind of kit are you trying to install? Something like a ‘T’ fitting?