How To Replace 2006 Chevrolet Silverado Radio Antenna

How do I change radio antenna in my 2006 Chevrolet Silverado.

Well, since you weren’t more specific, I’m going to assume you mean the entire antenna assembly that comes with the base and cable attached. This is a bit involved, and requires quite a bit of the upper dash, panels, and trim to be removed.

You need to start by removing the mast if it is still attached, then unbolting the antenna base at the top of the fender/underhood area. The Silverado trucks have a small area that the antenna cable goes through on the side of and behind the firewall. You will need to fit your hand up in this area to feed the cable through.

The dash pad needs to be removed, which requires the instrument panel trim, side trim, vents, and the passenger grip above the airbag. Then you will see the routing of the cable and can pull it through. Feeding the new antenna cable back through the same small spots is very tedious, but it can be done.

After it is routed properly, plugged in, and the base mounted back in the fender, you can reinstall all the trim pieces you took off.

2008. I have an Airbag code B0091. Is this the front sensor?

I’m going to have to assume you have a truck since you only stated the year and engine size. The code B0091 is for the center front discriminating sensor. If you’ve got a 2500 or larger size truck, there is only one sensor in the front. Looking for sensor 3 is irrelevant. The sensor you need to replace is located on the lower radiator core support, right in the middle. You can access it from underneath the front of the truck. You may have to remove a skid plate or splash shield if so equipped. Once the sensor is replaced, the code will automatically pass if the problem is fixed and the airbag light will go out. If you still have the airbag light on after replacement, then you have another problem. Be sure to check the wiring and connector condition while you are under there as well for any damage/corrosion.

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