1999 Lincoln Town Car Multiple Warning Lights

Recently, my car battery went bad, my boyfriend put in a temporary battery until I could get new one. Today, my car died, so we got it jumped off. It was running fine until halfway home. At a stoplight, all lights started going on and off.

The service engine soon light, the check trac light, and the abs light all came on. When I started to go, the abs and check trac lights went off. But as soon as I pulled into my driveway it did the exact same thing. What does this mean? Does it have anything to do with my battery?

Answer: If you mean you got the old battery jumped and all these warning lights came on then yes, this is a battery problem. Anytime the system voltage gets too low it causes problems in any system that has a control module. Computers do not like low voltage.

Get the battery replaced. After the disconnecting of the cables and installing the new one most of the warning lights should go out since the voltage is back to where it should be. Some of the warnings may stay on because one or more of the computers will remember and keep a trouble code stored in memory. Disconnecting the battery will usually clear this memory, but not always.

If any of the warning lights stay on your Lincoln town Car then you have to use a scanner to clear the codes. This can be done for free at most of the large national parts store chains. If not, then a trip to the local shop will be needed. There will be a small fee involved to clear all the codes.

2003 Lincoln Towncar Electrical Problems

I have a 2003 Lincoln Town Car Signature Premium. Great car, very low miles. Everything worked perfectly until yesterday. I cleaned my battery terminals and after I put them back on I have problems!

The drivers seat controls won’t work, the mirror controls won’t work, the air suspension light on the dash stays on and the power steering barely works. I have checked all fuses (interior and exterior), checked the seat connections. The power steering fluid is full. The seat and mirror controls are on the door panel and are getting electricity. I even disconnected the battery hoping it all would reset but it didn’t…Any ideas?

ANSWER: If you are sure you checked ALL the fuses, it sounds like you may have shorted out some sort of module that controls all these things. This car has many,  many control modules. I think this one is going to have to go to a mechanic.

Lincoln Towncar Coolant Leak

I have a hole that a cap popped out next to spark plug and is leaking water from hole and into cylinder over rubber boots. What is this hole and how do I get this cap the size of a penny that came out back in, is it a freeze plug and why is it located under valve cover next to spark plugs.

ANSWER: It is either a freeze plug or the head of a bolt snapped off. If a freeze plug then it plugs a coolant passage in the cylinder head, just get a new one,use the proper installer size, and pound it in with a hammer.