1998 Lincoln Towncar Trac and ABS Lights On

Yes, I have a problem on my 1998 Lincoln Towncar which has the TRAC light and ABS light on and sometimes the air bags won’t go up and I found an abs light cable ripped and we taped it back and the light was still on.

That might not be the only problem you have. The Traction light and ABS light can be due to any of the 4 wheels setting a code, or other issue with the electronics of the system. You’d really need to get the car scanned to see what trouble codes come up to know exactly what direction to go in.

I took it to get scanned and the code that came up was B1155.

That’s a body control code, not an ABS or Traction system code. You want to check for any codes that start with the letter ‘C’ for chassis. Such as a C0035 for example.

Then why are my TRAC light and ABS lights on?

Because you have a problem. Just because the B1155 is the only code you have does not mean there isn’t a problem. You need to get it checked out by a technician. If you’re using a cheap scanner to get the codes, it probably can’t do ABS and chassis systems. Get a professional to check for you.

Thanks for everything I’ll get it checked!

You’re welcome, have a nice night.

Hello I have a question. I have a 1998 Lincoln Towncar and the rear air bags sometimes stay down and go up but right now there staying down and now my car looks like a lowrider. What do i do to fix this?

There are a few things that can be causing your problem. The airbags can be leaking, and that’s why the car stays down now, or the air pump for the bags is not functional, or the control module for the system is not working. This really needs to be taken to a shop to be properly diagnosed. There are also level sensors that can be bad on either side of the car which will affect ride height.

The comressor works just fine but im not sure about everything else.

If you can hear the compressor running, but the car will not raise up, then you know you either have a leaking airbag, or bad level sensor.

Thanks for the help I’ll get it checked.

Your Welcome.

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