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1998 Lincoln Towncar Trac and ABS Lights On

Yes, I have a problem on my 1998 Lincoln Towncar which has the TRAC light and ABS light on and sometimes the air bags won’t go up and I found an abs light cable ripped and we taped it back and the light was still on. ProTech: That might not be the only problem you have. The Traction light and ABS light can be due to any of the…

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Chevrolet Malibu Air Bag Light And Codes

Today’s cars and trucks are very safety oriented. With the addition of many accident prevention items, there has also been a lot of new airbag technology lately. Everything from side airbags, which protect in a side impact, to the latest head curtain airbags which help in a rollover accident and also provide more safety on side impacts as well if so equipped. With all this…

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