Is This A 1949 Oldsmobile?

Hi, I have a question. We have a few pictures of a ’’supposedly’’ 1949 Oldsmobile. We aren’t convinced that it’s a ’49. Could we send you a few pictures, and you could possibly confirm the exact yr/model of Olds’ it actually is? We would certainly appreciate any info you could answer on her. Thank you! Sincerely, Craig

Oldsmobile- 1949 rear end and truck1949 Oldsmobile left rear quarter panel


Steering wheel and interior- 1949 Oldsmobile1949 Oldsmobile left side view

With a split windshield, it could be a 1947-1950. Check for any date stamping on the tail lights. If the serial, or VIN number is still visible, you can contact the state it was last registered in, or even contact your car insurance company and they can cross the number.