2003 Buick Gas gauge is erratic

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    The gas gauge works fine until it gets down to about 1/2tank then it jumps from full to empty and doesn’t run properly.

    RE: The fuel level sensor inside the gas tank, which is attached to fuel pump assembly has become worn out. What happens is, over time the fuel eats away at the little metal ‘fingers’ that slide back and forth on a resistor board which tells how much gas to show on the fuel gauge. Once these get worn enough, the gauge will start to act funny, be erratic, drop from full to empty at times, etc. What you need to do to remedy this problem is to replace the fuel level sensor. This can be purchased separately from the fuel pump assembly, but you need to drop the fuel tank out of the vehicle and remove the pump to change out the level sensor.

    Worn out fingers on the fuel level sensor causes the gas gauge to be erratic.

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